Wisdom Paths


Explore our diverse range of ‘a la carte’ classes at our Mystic Temple, where you can handpick the specific sessions that resonate with your spiritual journey and healing path.

Step into the sacred space of our one-of-a-kind experiences. Join our exclusive classes and unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom and transformative healing in a truly enchanting environment.

We offer variable pricing to accommodate individual budgets, ensuring everyone has access to these special journeys.

All classes are included in the archives in the Mystic Temple Membership!

Classes are presented by Andrea Dombecki and Joanna Wiley, and special guests.

Goddess Temple:
Demeter, Ostara

& Flora


The Demeter, Ostara and Flora Goddess class for the Spring Equinox celebrates the arrival of spring to reflect the season of growth, rebirth, and new beginnings. We will combine the nurturing care of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvest and the revitalizing with the energy of Ostara, the deity of dawn and renewal.

Taught by Joanna Wiley and Andrea Dombecki

1 Hour

Hope, Faith and Charity


Angelic Temple: Self love, inner strength and hope.

Get to know these female archangels and receive healing downloads and ascension upgrades! As we anchor in the high dimensional energy that these angels have to offer we receive light body upgrades and deep healing shifts within our being.

Connect with the high dimensional energy of the Female archangels: Hope, Faith and Charity. Get to know these angels as powerful allies of the evolution of the heart and soul.

Lecture, meditation, energy attunements and exercises to help us to connect with these magical female archangels that have been coming thought to assist humanity at this time.

Taught by Andrea Dombecki

54 minute Class and PDF Worksheet



Journey with Aphrodite: Goddess of Love

This class invites you on a mystical journey to connect with the ancient energies of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and passion. Revered for centuries, Aphrodite’s spirit embodies the power of attraction, romance, and the deep connections that bind us to others and to the beauty within ourselves.

1 Hour. Taught by Joanna Wiley 

Imbolc & Goddess Brigid


Imbolc Celebration: Embrace the Wisdom of Goddess Brigid

Join us for a transformative class to honor Imbolc, the sacred midpoint between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. This special occasion is dedicated to Goddess Brigid, the beacon of wisdom and healing.

Our class includes a guided meditation tailored to embrace the essence of Imbolc and to forge a spiritual bond with Goddess Brigid. Additionally, we guide a group energy healing session, designed to align with the rejuvenating spirit of this time, offering you a chance to receive personal healing and messages from Goddess Brigid.

Come, be part of this magical celebration, and let the nurturing fire of Goddess Brigid illuminate your path.

50 minute Class and PDF Workbook 

Medicine Women Manifesting Wheel 2024


Journey of Visioning and Manifesting

Embrace the New Year with a focus on positivity and growth. We will collaboratively create a Manifesting wheel to clarify and achieve our personal goals. In this class, we will journey with our inner Medicine Woman with the evolution of our personal growth and how we can support ourselves during these transformative times.

The class includes a group manifesting meditation to unlock your potential. This will empower us to step forward, be fully energized, and ground into your highest timeline vision for 2024.

Participants will engage in group energy healing and journaling activities. This involves manifesting, blessing, and awakening self-mastery. Learn key spiritual principles to attract and radiate health, happiness, and prosperity. The class covers practical techniques like visualization, forgiveness, love, goal setting, and intuition.

50 minute Class and PDF Workbook 

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