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Discover the comprehensive depths of spiritual education with our extensive courses at Mystic Temple. Embark on a transformative journey designed to enrich your soul and expand your consciousness through our curated programs.

Immerse yourself in the profound wisdom and healing practices of ancient traditions within the sacred walls of our Mystic Temple. Our courses provide an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into spiritual learning and personal growth, guided by the seasoned expertise of our founders.

We are committed to making these life-changing courses accessible to all, offering a variety of pricing options to suit different financial situations. This ensures that everyone who feels called to deepen their spiritual path can join us in this extraordinary exploration.

Our courses are more than just classes; they are a journey into the heart of spirituality, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience that promises to be both enlightening and transformational.

Courses are presented by Andrea Dombecki and Joanna Wiley, and special guests.


Explore our diverse range of ‘a la carte’ classes at our Mystic Temple, where you can handpick the specific sessions that resonate with your spiritual journey and healing path.

Step into the sacred space of our one-of-a-kind experiences. Join our exclusive mini classes and unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom and transformative healing in a truly enchanting environment.

We offer variable pricing to accommodate individual budgets, ensuring everyone has access to these special journeys.

Classes are presented by Andrea Dombecki and Joanna Wiley, and special guests.

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