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Joanna Wiley

Shamanic Practitioner

Joanna Wiley has been practicing Shamanic and Energetic Medicine for 20 years in 5 lineages (Peruvian, Mayan, Celtic, Lakota, Cree), and 26 years of Yoga and Buddhism. She is a multiple Mesa Carrier and weaves together a tapestry of shamanic medicine, healing arts, sacred space, meditations, and journeys through non-dual wisdom teachings.

I am certified in both Shamanic Healers Training and Advanced Shamanic Healers Training from Ellyn Rosenthal. For more information about my experience and certifications: www.heartmountainwellness.com/bio


Shamanic Healing Sessions

 Joanna’s Shamanic Healing Sessions offer a profound holistic approach to wellness, rooted in ancient wisdom and spiritual connection. During these transformative sessions, Joanna guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and healing, tapping into the realms of the spirit world to address physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

Through ceremonies, rituals, energy work, and the use of sacred tools, participants often experience profound insights, release emotional blockages, and regain a sense of balance and harmony in their lives.

Joanna’s shamanic healing sessions invite individuals to reconnect with their inner wisdom, align with the natural rhythms of the universe, and embark on a profound healing journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional medicine.

A Journey Through Joy and Healing

Booking a shamanic healing session with Joanna is about reigniting the passion for life and discovering the profound JOY that resides within each of us.

Through our sessions, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with the vibrant energy of your core self and remembering the spark that ignites your soul. Together, we will delve into ancient rituals and guided journeys to unlock hidden depths of wisdom that rejuvenates your spirit and reminds you of the boundless possibilities that your life holds.

Working with Joanna is also about experiencing a profound transformation that fuels a newfound love for life. As we navigate the realms of consciousness and energy, you’ll find yourself shedding layers of doubt and fear, and embracing a sense of freedom and authenticity. This journey isn’t always easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. You can emerge from our sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality, ready to embrace each moment with heart lead passion and enthusiasm.

Trauma-Informed Healing

Joanna’s Trauma-Informed Shamanic Healing Sessions are a compassionate and holistic approach to addressing the deep-seated wounds and emotional scars left by trauma. Rooted in ancient shamanic practices, these sessions are conducted with utmost sensitivity and care, recognizing the profound impact that trauma can have on an individual’s well-being.

Joanna creates a safe and supportive space where clients are encouraged to explore and release trauma-held energy. Through shamanic techniques such as soul retrieval, energy clearing, and guided journeys, clients can gradually heal and reintegrate fragmented parts of themselves.

Joanna’s Trauma-Informed approach acknowledges that healing is a deeply personal and empowering journey, and it seeks to honor and validate the individual’s experiences while fostering resilience, self-compassion, and a renewed sense of empowerment. Trauma-Informed Shamanic Healing Sessions provide a path towards reclaiming one’s life from the shadows of trauma, offering hope, healing, and transformation.

Coaching and Mentoring

Joanna’s one-on-one shamanic personal coaching & mentoring sessions offer personalized guidance and support, helping clients to deepen their spiritual practices, connect with their inner wisdom, and navigate their healing journeys. These sessions provide a safe and sacred space for individuals to explore their unique paths, receive tailored teachings, and engage in transformative experiences. Through this process, clients can gain clarity, release blockages, and cultivate resilience, empowerment, and a stronger connection to their true selves.
In these one-on-one shamanic business coaching & mentoring sessions, I help working practioners who need support with essential skills and tools to enhance their practice and support their clients more effectively. I provide guidance on deepening their spiritual practices, utilizing sacred tools, and performing ceremonies and rituals. These sessions also cover practical aspects such as managing their business, building a client base, and addressing specific challenges they encounter in their work. Through personalized mentorship, I help these practitioners refine their techniques, develop their unique gifts, and create a thriving and impactful practice.

Book a Healing Session

After you have purchased a session we will contact you to set up a time to meet that works for you. You can also email me with the contact form below.

Remote and In Person Sessions
1.5 hr

90 Minute Shamanic Healing Sessions offer a profound holistic approach to wellness, rooted in ancient wisdom and spiritual connection.

In Person Session and Ceremony
2.5 hr

 2.5 hrs session includes:

1 hour ceremony, 1 hr session, and 30 minute follow up integration session.

Session Package
1.5 hr x 5

5 Package of 90 Minute Healing Session are discounted -$130 when purchased together.

Coaching and Mentoring
1 hr

60 minute one-on-one Shamanic Mentoring Session is a container for powerful transformation of learning new tools and diving deeper on skills and techniques.

* There are no refunds after payment, yet we do offer credits towards sessions, workshops, classes, courses or items from Heart Mountain Organic.

Trusted Guidance

Shamanic Healing Sessions offer a range of potential benefits for individuals seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of healing sessions can vary from person to person, and they are not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.


In the realm of spiritual healing, there exists a diverse multitude of modalities, each with its own wisdom and methods, providing a rich tapestry of options for seekers of inner growth, healing, and self-discovery. Most sessions combine a few modalities. Some of mine are:

Soul Retrieval

A profound healing process that aims to recover and reintegrate fragmented aspects of one’s soul, fostering greater wholeness and personal transformation.

Soul Contracts

Heal pre-arranged agreements made on a soul level, that served as guiding blueprints for our life’s experiences, relationships, and lessons.

Soul Mapping

A deep exploration of one’s spiritual journey and life purpose, creating a personalized roadmap to navigate and align with one’s true calling and destiny.

Cord Cutting & Tracking

Sever energetic connections and trace spiritual energies that no longer serve you. Release negative attachments, resolve emotional conflicts, and restore spiritual balance and emotional well-being.

Destiny Retrieval

Empowers one to align with true purpose, unlock unlimited potential and lead a profoundly fulfilling life map.


Gain insight, guidance, and clarity about important life decisions. Seek answers to pressing questions and connect intuition with the spiritual realm to enhance self-discovery and sense of purpose.

Ancestry Work

Involves addressing and resolving ancestral wounds and traumas, to promote inner healing and a profound transformation of the soul’s present path.


A transformative process that involves identifying and clearing energy blockages and imprints in a person’s luminous energy field. This practice aims to heal emotional wounds, traumas, and negative patterns that may manifest as physical or psychological issues.

Feminine Guides

Serve as a valuable resource to help women strengthen their connection to their feminine energy, fostering empowerment, enlightenment, and personal power.

Womb Healing

Transformative practice that focuses on releasing emotional and energetic imprints, blockages stored in the womb space to nurturing deep healing and grace.

Chakra Clearing

Identify and clear energy blockages within the chakras and the luminous energy field. This process aims to release emotional wounds, traumas, and negative imprints, facilitating emotional and spiritual healing for greater well-being and personal growth.

Shamanic Reiki

Release energy blockages, promote relaxation, reduce stress, and gain insight into one’s spiritual path, contributing to overall balance and healing.


We offer custom packages to match your needs. If you have any questions or require assistance beyond the sessions offered, please feel free to contact us. 

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