Courses & Ceremonies

Discover the comprehensive depths of spiritual education with our extensive courses at Mystic Temple. Embark on a transformative journey designed to enrich your soul and expand your consciousness through our curated programs.

Immerse yourself in the profound wisdom and healing practices of ancient traditions within the sacred walls of our Mystic Temple. Our courses and ceremonies provide an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into spiritual learning and personal growth, guided by the seasoned expertise of our founders.

We are committed to making these life-changing work accessible to all, offering a variety of pricing options to suit different financial situations. This ensures that everyone who feels called to deepen their spiritual path can join us in this extraordinary exploration.

Our courses and ceremonies are more than just classes; they are a journey into the heart of spirituality, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience that promises to be both enlightening and transformational.

Courses are presented by Andrea Dombecki and Joanna Wiley, and special guests.

Sacred Woodlands


3 hrs Recorded in 2 Parts Course, Ceremony and PDF Workbook

Embark on a transformative journey in the Sacred Woodlands, where you’ll connect with Forest Guides, Goddesses, and Elf royalty. Learn resilience and renewal from nature’s messengers like Oak and Cedar, and engage in ceremonies with earth spirits such as Gaia. Through daily offerings and earth paintings, you’ll express emotions and embrace nature’s healing cycles. This experience offers deep personal alignment and magical soul healing in the heart of the forest. Join us for a profound adventure in nature.

Priestess Path


3 hrs Recorded in 2 Parts Course, Ceremony and PDF Workbook

Embrace the Priestess Path to unlock divine feminine power and leadership through ceremonies that foster renewal and personal growth. Learn from archetypal wisdom keepers like the Marys and Sacred Elders to deepen your understanding of life’s cycles and connect with nature’s rhythms through medicine wheels. Claim your sovereignty, develop spiritual and practical skills, and join a circle of empowerment that honors the divine feminine, strengthening connections and fostering creative growth in our sacred community.

Moon and Star Medicine Ceremony


3.5 hrs Recorded in 2 Parts Course, Ceremony and PDF Workbook

Moon and Star Medicine is a transformative course and ceremony designed to bridge the ancient wisdom of the stars and lunar magic with modern healing practices. This course invites participants on a journey through celestial realms, offering a deep dive into the dance between the stars and our inner moon medicine.

Angel, Fairy and Goddess Ceremony


3.5 hrs Recorded in 2 Parts Course, Ceremony and PDF Workbook

What do the Angel, Fairy & Goddess guides represent for you? These mystical realms weave together and remind us of the magical energies of earth and heaven and the true potential of our spirit. These guides remind us to peer into higher dimensions. Their mystical realms weave together symbolism and synchronicity, sharing magical perceptions of the universe.

Awakening your Medicine Woman


5 hrs Recorded in 3 Parts Course, Ceremony and PDF Workbook

Immerse yourself in the mystical realm of the Mystic Temple. This unique event is a call to awaken the Medicine Woman within you, to connect with your ancestral guides, and to reclaim your innate gifts and wisdom.

Rites and Attunements

$50 Each

Zoom rites/attunements are available as a private session with both Andrea Dombecki and Joanna Wiley from Mystic Temple.

30 Minutes: one rite/attunement

Priestess Path

Flower Blossoming Rite

Sacred Woodlands

Fairy Tree Spirit Energies Attunement

Moon and Star Medicine Ceremony

Fairy Angel Reiki Attunement
Peruvian Starkeeper Rite

Angel Fairy Goddess Ceremony

Fairy Realms Reiki Attunement
Peruvian Wind Goddess Rite of the Winged Ones

Medicine Woman Ceremony

Archangel Reiki Attunement
Shamanic Healers Rite

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