Energetic Medicine


What is Energetic Medicine?

Peruvian Shamanic Energetic Medicine: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing

Peruvian Shamanic Energetic Medicine is a profound and sacred healing tradition that originates from the indigenous shamans of the Andes and the Amazon of Peru. This ancient practice, deeply rooted in the wisdom of the Earth and its natural rhythms, offers a unique and holistic approach to health and well-being. It intertwines spirituality with the natural world, offering a path to balance and harmony.

Energy Fields

The concept of the aura, or a field of energy surrounding living beings, is found in various cultures and spiritual traditions around the world, often under different names. Each of these terms, while similar, originates from different cultural, philosophical, or scientific backgrounds and may carry its own specific interpretations.

Luminous Energy Field (LEF)

Used in shamanic traditions, such as those of the Q’ero in the Andes, to describe the energy field surrounding the body. They call it the Poq’po and use many tools and exercises to keep it clear.

Etheric Body

In theosophy and certain beliefs, the aura is often referred to as the etheric body, which is the first layer in the human energy field and is closest to the physical body.

Pranic Sheath

In Hindu philosophy, particularly within Yoga and Ayurveda, the aura is sometimes described as a pranic sheath, part of a subtle body that includes life force or prana.

Bioplasmic Body

In parapsychology and energy healing practices, the term bioplasmic body is used to describe the aura, emphasizing its composition as a form of bioenergetic plasma.

Subtle Body

In various Eastern traditions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, the aura is part of the concept of the subtle body, which includes multiple layers of energy bodies.

Energy Field

A general term used in many modern holistic healing practices to describe the aura.

Qi Field

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong, the concept similar to the aura is often related to the Qi field, which emphasizes the flow of vital energy.

Magnetic Field

In some contemporary spiritual contexts, the aura is described in terms of a magnetic field surrounding living beings.

Psychic Field

In certain metaphysical and spiritual circles, the aura is referred to as a psychic field, indicating its role in psychic and intuitive phenomena.

Q’ero Energy Fields

The Q’ero, an indigenous people from the high Andes of Peru, have a rich spiritual and healing tradition, one aspect of which is the concept of the “poq’po.” The poq’po is integral to their understanding of the human being and the world. The Q’ero teachings, including those about the poq’po, are part of a rich spiritual tradition that emphasizes living in balance with the natural world and the cosmos, and sees health and well-being as deeply interconnected with these larger forces.

Meaning of Poq’po:

In the Quechua language, spoken by the Q’ero, “poq’po” translates to “bubble” or “field.” It refers to the energy field surrounding the human body, also known as the aura or luminous energy field (LEF).

Connection with the Cosmos:

The poq’po is seen as the personal space of an individual, yet it’s also perceived as being in constant interaction with the larger energy fields of the earth, the heavens, and the cosmos. This reflects the Q’ero belief in the interconnectedness of all existence.

Center of Personal Power

The poq’po is considered the center of personal power and well-being. It’s believed to contain the essence of an individual’s life force and spiritual strength.

Healing and Cleansing

In Q’ero shamanism, maintaining a clean and balanced poq’po is essential for health and spiritual well-being. Shamans, known as Paqos, use various rituals and techniques to cleanse and strengthen the poq’po, including the use of sacred objects like the “mesa” (a ceremonial bundle) and practices like “saminchakuy” (a cleansing technique).

Interplay with the Natural World

The Q’ero teachings emphasize living in harmony with nature, and this is reflected in their understanding of the poq’po. It’s believed that by interacting with the natural world, one can cleanse and recharge the poq’po.

Role in Spiritual Growth

The state of one’s poq’po is seen as reflective of their spiritual and emotional health. Personal growth, healing, and enlightenment are pursued through practices that nurture and balance the poq’po.

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